Monday, July 27, 2020

Slates: Equipment Monitoring

Slates: Companion Tags

Slates™ are customized anodized aluminum smart tags that are fixed to your steam trap or any desired component.  Every Slate tag is laser etched with a unique QR code, and a unique ID number, that you can easily scan using the Slate Pages app, available for iOS.  Upon scanning a Slate tag with the Slate Pages app, you will be presented with your steam trap’s or any equipment's up-to-date information.

The Slate Pages app empowers you to track and explore any desired information using custom information fields (text, URL, photos, dates, location & more). For example, Slates fixed to steam traps commonly feature the following maintenance information fields:

  • Component Name (e.g. Steam Trap #12)
  • Component Manufacturer/Model (e.g. Armstrong Series 811)
  • Photo of Component
  • Map/Location of Component
  • Date of Last Inspection/Service
  • Copy of Operating Manual
  • Purchase or Install Date
  • Warranty Expiration Date
  • Maintenance Journal

Smart Tag

Your Trap information is also available on a Web Portal!

Get an overview of all of your steam traps & other industrial components in an instant by tagging your entire facility with Slates.  Sort your steam traps by any field such as last inspection date, manufacturer/model, or component name for easier decision making.

Falied Steam Trap List

For those facility managers with a large campus, with a number of buildings, Slates allows you to capture a GPS coordinate and gives you the ability to sort and color your failed traps in a map view. (red=failed / green=good)

The Slate Pages app was designed to make information about your steam traps more easily accessible. Your team can access, view, & edit any information with the proper user permissions, set by the account owner.

If you have a steam trap survey file that you would like to incorporate SLATES...send us the data in Excel or CSV format and we will generate a presentation to illustrate the merits of SLATES for your specific facility.

To learn more about Slates Steam Trap Tags contact Rick Bockwinkel at, or call 913-579-7688.

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