ASHRAE Level 1, 2, 3 Audits

The Audit scopes we offer during our Energy Assessment Studies are a combination of ASHRAE's Level 2 & Level 3 Energy Audit compliance with Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits.

All our ECMs (Energy Conservation Measures) are based on the plant's current energy use / consumption levels. 

We focus more on the ECMs in our reports & presentations, since we want our clients to move forward towards implementing our recommendations as we force rank them with best paybacks top to bottom so that their pursuit of capital, rebates and incentives can be ratcheted accordingly.

Since most clients are well aware of their energy purchase sources and their energy use patterns, we rarely include the current energy use analysis as a separate chapter or Section in our reports.  If it balances the report package to include such analyses we can incorporate…requiring full client disclosure.  Even with NDAs in place…some clients are reticent about availing this data.

We try to cover more on the Basic Engineering Analysis in our Energy Assessment itself instead of requesting a strictly compliant Level 3 Audit.  It's all about...available time.  Each level of audit requires more time.

For all major projects that we recommend in our reports, our clients can directly go for Detailed Engineering & Implementation, without a Level 3 Audit.
ASHRAE Level 1 Audit scopes are met by our 1-day Walk-Thru Assessment offerings.

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